Memorable TV Isn’t Always Motivating TV

We’ve all been there… settled in, watching our favorite TV show and BAM! There it is… THE COMMERCIAL TO END ALL COMMERCIALS. You know the one: you laughed or cried or had profound thoughts, even questioned our purpose on this planet. Okay it got your attention, but was it effective? Well before you get online [...]

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You’ve mobilized your marketing efforts. Have you mobilized your website?

Mobile friendly websites are paramount for today’s direct marketers. Remember that old Yellow Pages phrase, “let your fingers do the walking”? It’s never been more relevant than today, but instead of thumbing through big, bulky books people are swiping, scrolling and tapping to get the goods, services and information they need. Mobile users are growing [...]

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What Brand Marketers Could Learn From Direct Marketers (And Vice Versa)

Recently, Ron Amram, Vice President of Media for Heineken USA, wrote a revealing piece on Why Brand Marketers Should Think Like Direct Marketers. He emphasized the need for brand marketers to “get comfortable analyzing data; it’s the industry standard.” He also had a message for brand marketers: “don’t be afraid to use data to guide your creative direction.” [...]

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5 Secrets to a Powerful Call-to-Action

What’s the single most important element of any marketing message? It’s not your logo. Hard as it is to believe, your company name is actually the third most important element of the marketing message. It’s not your offer, either. In today’s over-hyped world, aggressive offers are a dime a dozen. The most critical element of [...]

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Neuroscience Confirms: When It Comes To Purchase Decisions, Direct Mail Outperforms Digital

Direct Marketing News recently reported on a neuroscientific study conducted by Temple University’s Center For Neural Decision-Making that proves direct mail outperforms digital media for engagement time, recall and ultimate purchase. The study, as reported by Al Urbanski, Senior Editor of Direct Marketing News, finds that while digital ads seized the attention of consumers quicker, direct mail held their [...]

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Data analytics, marketing strategies and Sherlock Holmes

“Data! Data! Data! I cannot make bricks without clay!” Sherlock Holmes Wondering if data analytics can really improve the performance of your marketing strategies? Just ask the most celebrated and successful data analyst of all time – Sherlock Holmes. Holmes was a master at turning raw data into valuable insights. He called it “the science of deduction”, and [...]

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Integrated Marketing, Segregated Marketers

Ask any five marketers to define Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), and you’ll get five different answers.  Some focus on the integration of consistent creative across media.  Others focus on the tactics: messaging integration across branding, sales promotion, PR and DR. Frankly, these marketers are missing the boat.  The most effective use of IMC lies in [...]

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How to Spot the Weakest Link in Your Marketing (and What to Do About It)

What does your marketing have in common with every other advertiser running in print, direct mail, television, radio, outdoor, online, or any other advertising channel? Too much.  Don’t Hinder Response Rates If you don’t invest the time to determine what motivates your customer, and prospective customers, your marketing will miss the mark every time.  Here are three common [...]

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