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Project Description

The Client

The Assignment

Precor Home Fitness asked us to position them as more than just a treadmill manufacturer. We needed to raise awareness of the brand as a leader in the fitness space and a one-stop shop for top-quality home equipment—everything from high-tech machines to smaller home-gym basics—as well as spotlight several of Precor’s best-selling and new product offerings.

The Motiv8 Solution

We created visually appealing and easy-to-follow infographics that would inspire potential customers to build their home gym. Each infographic featured Precor’s products and provided straightforward and useful fitness tips from top experts in their field. We focused on the most highly searched, evergreen fitness topics (such as ellipticals) and buzzed-about new trends (such as kettlebells), as well as solving common fitness obstacles. For example:

  • 5 fitness tools that never get boring
  • Dumbbells’ smart sidekicks: 5 new ways to get awesome arms
  • How to choose the best elliptical for you

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