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Project Description

The Client

The Assignment

Next Day Blinds, a regional window treatment chain operating in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area, was looking to drive traffic to its stores and website, where prospects can schedule an appointment for Next Day Blinds consultants to visit their homes.

The Motiv8 Solution

Motiv8 examined Next Day Blinds’ customer data files and discovered two distinct demographics for window treatments: those who’ve lived in their homes 1-4 years, those who’ve lived in their home 5-15 years, and those who’ve lived in their home for 15-plus years.  We developed direct mail programs targeting look-alike customers for each of these demographics. We developed three campaigns: the Finishing Tough Sale (targeting the 1-4 years group), the Love Your Home Again Sale (targeting the 15-plus years group), and the Window of Opportunity Sale (targeting the 5-15 years group).

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