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Project Description

The Client

The Assignment

With Aldi’s expansion into the SoCal market, the discount supermarket chain tasked us with introducing its brand in the Los Angeles area. We needed to devise a way to emphasize the brand’s quality and cost savings while also acquainting shoppers who’d never heard of Aldi with the advantages of its unique business model and retail experience.

The Motiv8 Solution

We developed an expansive digital campaign that included bright, welcoming and informative explainer-style infographics to speak directly to customer needs, curiosities and local concerns. We combined pure native lifestyle content, such as “What’s Your Booze IQ,” with helpful, brand-focused content designed to help readers navigate their neighborhood Aldi and locate specific products that would save them the most money. We also utilized a hybrid native/advertorial approach for some pieces, such as alerting Los Angeles readers to the breadth of Aldi’s offerings by connecting to popular local recipes, and, in another piece offering tips on smart shopping for L.A.’s on-the-go, eco-aware target market.

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