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Project Description

The Client
The Assignment

Reach former online grocery customers who had not placed an order in the past year, as well as non-customers within their footprint.

The Motiv8 Solution

The Strategy:  To win back former customers with a personalized, variable video that called each customer by name, and tailored the message to that customer’s past purchase history. Keyed by database information, the appropriate video segments were pulled together to create a seamless video that was delivered by email. Reached non-customers with targeted direct mail, and matched IP addresses to the mail file to provide 1:1 targeting online.

The Tactics: Online Video, Email, direct mail, online display ads

Orders from Online Video

The Result: A single videomail brought 3,609 former customers to the website, resulting in 1,338 orders, making it the online grocer’s most successful marketing effort ever. Among non-customers, those who received both the direct mail and display ads had a 16% higher average order size.

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