Increase Brand Engagement With Story-Forward Digital Video

ccorso-9-smallRecently, our digital film team spent time with Christina Corso. Some might call her a yoga instructor — we call her a superwoman!

Motiv8 is currently producing a short film series for Michelob Ultra, and we’re featuring Chicago fitness professionals from across the city talking about why they go the extra mile in the gym and in life. For us, story-forward digital video is a great method to increase brand engagement authentically — with a lot of fun along the way!

Shoots like this present the opportunity for us to meet some really great people who can teach us a few things about about life: finding inspiration, facing our fears, overcoming challenges — and we aren’t just talking about resisting the allure of a craft services cookie!

Lessons Learned

Without further ado, here are the top three lessons we learned from our shoot with Christina:

  1. Yoga makes you kind of a badass.
    Case in point: Your toes actually can wrap backward over your body and rest on top of your head. (Yeah, that happened.)
  2. Where there’s a will, there’s a skill.
    Christina has been practicing consistently for over six years, with much focus and dedication. Being able to execute a handstand while twisting your legs and hovering your entire body 6 inches off the ground doesn’t just magically happen — a lot of hard work goes into learning how to do that. Note to self: Try harder.
  3. Do you.
    Yoga not your thing? No worries. Find what speaks to you and embrace it wholeheartedly. Go that extra mile. Rock it. You’ll never succeed by living anybody’s passion but your own. This is your life, so live it on your own terms.

Namaste, baby!