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The anti-silo: Creating for social

Once upon a time, people enjoyed life without posting about it on social media.

But we don’t focus on the past.

Today many of us view the world through our iPhones. We know this. We know, however, that too often social media newsfeeds are basically collections of content that people don’t even want to see. And we know the number of likes is more important than ever for users. Because we know this, creating content and experiences that people want to give time to, document and share is what we — at Motiv8 — live and breathe.

Social media is now more multifaceted than ever. It’s sociological. It’s creative. It’s about results. The siloed walls within agencies have been torn down — and I dig it.

This is my team.


Just because something worked before doesn’t mean it will work again. We’ve all heard this … and it’s true. We take audience research and development seriously. We believe if you know your audience — not just who they are, but how they act and react, how they feel, and what’s important to them — you’ll know if and how you can reach them on social.


We’re journalists AND copywriters. We’re documentary-style videographers and photographers AND graphic designers. We combine the best creatives with marketing goals to produce the most effective, results-driven content for our clients. We make it look good and we make it work — with real results.


Sometimes, telling a good story means reaching new audiences. Sometimes it’s about keeping and strengthening the audiences you already have. Either way, bringing local brands together with local influencers is part of our pie to achieve those goals. But, it’s not always about one person sharing with one audience.


Sometimes, it’s about creating post-worthy events. It’s about building an experience that triggers all of us to reach for our phones, snap a photo or video and share it with our friends, allowing each of us to act as the influencer. It’s about creating a destination — a landing page, an in-store experience, a private concert, an interactive ad that blows your mind — for everyone to want to document. Because a lot of us #DoItForTheGram.

Ask us about our Cook Like a Boss series and how we’re putting our social skills to good use.

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