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If you’re not conversing, you’re not converting

Did you know that Frisbee (the flying disc) began as a pie tin? In 1871, William Frisbie established the Frisbie Pie Company. His pies, delivered in metal pans, were a huge hit, especially among college students. He logically attributed his success to the freshness of his pies. “Fresh Always” became the company’s slogan, consistently appearing on [...]

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The Storyteller: Why telling your story is so important

I have a small clay figurine of a storyteller made by the Pueblo people of New Mexico. Her mouth is open and around her skirt children listen attentively as she weaves a tale. Storytelling is a rich part of our human history; from cave drawings and oral narrative to the multimedia modes of dissemination today — [...]

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Increase Brand Engagement With Story-Forward Digital Video

Recently, our digital film team spent time with Christina Corso. Some might call her a yoga instructor — we call her a superwoman! Motiv8 is currently producing a short film series for Michelob Ultra, and we’re featuring Chicago fitness professionals from across the city talking about why they go the extra mile in the gym and in [...]

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Digital is a Direct Response Medium

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, DIGITAL IS A DIRECT RESPONSE MEDIUM “Direct Response is not a dirty word.” Yet a whopping 40% of all digital advertisers don’t utilize key elements of Direct Response to realize the full potential of their sales. The question: why not? Technology is growing by leaps and bounds opening new doors in [...]

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Memorable TV Isn’t Always Motivating TV

We’ve all been there… settled in, watching our favorite TV show and BAM! There it is… THE COMMERCIAL TO END ALL COMMERCIALS. You know the one: you laughed or cried or had profound thoughts, even questioned our purpose on this planet. Okay it got your attention, but was it effective? Well before you get online [...]

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You’ve mobilized your marketing efforts. Have you mobilized your website?

Mobile friendly websites are paramount for today’s direct marketers. Remember that old Yellow Pages phrase, “let your fingers do the walking”? It’s never been more relevant than today, but instead of thumbing through big, bulky books people are swiping, scrolling and tapping to get the goods, services and information they need. Mobile users are growing [...]

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Are You Utilizing Your Data Correctly?

Today’s marketplace is data driven. Understanding the value of response rates, associated costs and generating calls can mean the difference between a healthy ROI, and one in need of resuscitation. Data is the key to understanding where you have been and projecting where you want to go. So why do only 40% of marketing partners [...]

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