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Social media is now more multifaceted than ever. It’s sociological. It’s creative. It’s about results. The siloed walls have been torn down—and the Motiv8 Agency Social team is here to help you reach your targeted audience.

We analyze the data.

Just because something worked before doesn’t mean it will work again. We’ve all heard this … and it’s true. We take audience research and development seriously. We believe if you know your audience—not just who they are, but how they act and react, how they feel, and what’s important to them—you’ll know if and how you can reach them on social. 

We make it look good.

We’re journalists, copywriters, documentary-style videographers and photographers, and graphic designers. We assemble the best creatives to produce the most effective, results-driven content—with real results. 

We marry brands with influencers.

Sometimes, telling a good story means reaching new audiences, as well as keeping and strengthening the audiences you already have. Either way, the Motiv8 Social team brings local brands together with local influencers to achieve those goals.

We create experiences.

Gaining audience is not always about one person sharing with one audience. Sometimes, it’s about creating post-worthy events. Or building an experience that triggers us to reach for our phones, snap a photo or video, and share it with our friends, allowing each of us to act as the influencer. It’s about creating a destination—a landing page, an in-store experience, a private concert, an interactive ad that blows your mind—for everyone to want to document.


Percent of the US population...

…has at least one social networking profile.


hours spent by Americans...

…per day on social media.

We drive audience through paid social media advertising.

Social media communities provide a rich repository of user data from which we can use to laser target your most ideal potential customers. The Motiv8 Audience team can laser target messaging through social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to invite those targeted personas to convert into your prospective client leads. Paid Facebook marketing in particular has provided excellent results to entice those not yet expressly searching to discover your messaging and lead them to find out more. Example techniques are as follows:

  • Highly targeted paid/ad tactics in social media to increase outreach for those “pre-search” prospects, perhaps just entering the sales funnel for a given need.
  • Fully managed program; strategy development, ad creation, implementation, reporting, and analysis.
  • Establish KPIs; design and adjust to meet those targets.
  • Supplement visibility in social while directing users to your website.